Discussion Forum

Invite your visitors to join a Google Group that your charity has set up and participate in your charity's community. This is a good place to invite all your volunteers to hold discussions about ideas for your charity's next event!

(Note: You may see other Google Groups that you are a member of listed below too)


How to create a Google group:

Visit the Google Groups website. Click on the 'Create a group' button in the 'My Groups' box on the right hand side, follow the instructions to start creating your group.

There is a two-step process:

  1. Set up your group by entering the details of your group e.g. Name of the group, Description etc. You will need to choose the access level of the group, which is 'Restricted'. Only invited members who are logged into Google should have access to the Google Groups gadget content.

  2. Invite members via email or directly from your contact directory. Manage your group and add members, click on the 'Add members' button and your group is created.